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My Online Counsel



First of all: In my opinion a lot of the present internet based offers for "Legal Online Advice" bear a great deal of risk. No one can be certain if the person to whom he is speaking is actually a lawyer nor can you be sure of how much you will be required to pay for the advice. Legal advice is - and will be - grounded on a personal base of trust. Most of the present "lawyer hotlines" lack this confidence.

And also to correct a misunderstanding: by law even the first legal consultation must be billed. As a result of this the client is covered by the lawyer´s liability insurance if incorrect legal advice should be given. From my point of view it is therefore necessary to make personal contact, even with counsel through electronic media.

Therefore I offer advice by telephone for clients only who have already been in contact with me. The first advice will be given to you in writing via E-mail.

For this I have designed a form which you may use to get in contact with me. Please click on "inquiry" and you will receive my answer as soon as possible.