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About me



After studying law in Bochum, Germany, with a specialization in tax law,  I joined a law firm in October 1996, first as an employee and then later until December 2002 as a partner. Since 2001 I am "Specialized Tax Lawyer". A second specialization is public law.

In addition to my activities as a lawyer I pursued at the professorship of Prof. Dr. Hermann-Wilfried Bayer who entrusted me to write a dissertation. In December 2001 I received the degree of "Doctor iuris" (JD) from the Faculty of Law of the University of Tübingen. Since 1996 I have also been lecturing in tax and public law at various scientific institutes.

After leaving the law firm, I entered the tax headquarters of a considerable industrial affiliated group. In spring 2004 I passed the tax adviser examination.